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  • What are the benefits of waxing?
    - Slow hair regrowth (3-4weeks) - Fine and thinner hair regrowth - Smooth Skin with no irritation - Prevent ingrowns - Confidence Builder
  • How long should my hair length be?
    Hair should be a size of a grain of rice which is 1/4ich. That can be 2 weeks of hair growth. If hairs are longer, no sweat we can always trim during services.
  • Most Important question " DO IT HURT"?"
    Of course it does, we are pulling hair from your roots, but please know with the right wax specialist you are in great hands. You will be wonderful and with the amazing results you will be returning.
  • How should I prepare for my wax services?
    - Exfoliate 24-48hrs before service it will help with better hair pull - Take an Advil or any pain killer of your liking - Avoid coffee in the morning it will cause a more sensitivity - Wear loose clothing for comfort
  • Would I be able to get my wax service during my time of the month?
    Yes! you must wear a fresh tampon for your Brazilain/ Bikini area. Please know you will experience more sensitivity due to blood being thin.
  • What kind of wax do you use doing service?
    Depending on wax service we will use Hard wax (non strips) for the body and face. Soft wax (with strips) for the brows only.
  • How often should I get waxed?
    Consistency is the key and you should always schedule your wax services from 3 - 4 weeks, however depending on others hair growth no longer then 6 weeks top.
  • Is there an age limit on getting waxed?
    We allow 16yrs and older with parents present to fill out the waxing consent form.
  • Are kids allowed?
    No kids under 8yrs old are allowed. Kids who are 8yrs old or older can sit in the waiting area or if you are comfortable they are more welcoming to sit in during services
  • What happens if I run late?
    We understand things happen, so we do allow a 15min grace period. Anytime after 15min service will be canceled with a $25 cancellation fee towards your next service. If you would like to read our policy and procedure please visit our bookings tab.
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